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Last Revised January 05, 2023

Conversations on Stashrun are a place for passionate people to discuss important causes, and organize for their advocacy. 


We created these guidelines to ensure that this community is a safe place for everyone to discuss the causes they care about. If you see any content that violates these guidelines, please flag it and downvote it immediately. 


These guidelines are not exhaustive— we will remove any content that we believe negatively impacts our community. Failure to follow our guidelines will result in the removal of the offending content, and a violation will be recorded. If you receive 3 violations in a 60 day period your account will be locked.



Use a civil tone and assume good faith.


This forum is an inclusive place. Racism, discrimination, derogatory language, homophobia, etc. are prohibited. 


People can post an opinion that is not factually true or users believe is incorrect. To respond, debate civilly and focus on why you disagree. Users may not intentionally deceive anyone. 



Bullying or harassment of any kind is prohibited. This includes spreading rumors or asking more information about rumors about individuals, body shaming, or derogatory names towards an individual or group. 

No suggesting or supporting harm of yourself (even as a joke) or others.

No doxxing or sharing of personal information of individuals, including but not limited to names, phone numbers, addresses, social media handles, or any information that could be used to identify a user. 


No NSFW content, including but not limited to sexual content or pornography, gore, violence descriptions, violent images, violent content, or threatening content. 


No spamming or flooding of any kind. Self promotion is ok, but spamming the promotion is prohibited. 


No requesting, planning, or linking anything that violates United States law. 



Prompt discussion about causes you care about! We recommend you doing this by asking informed questions and sourcing relevant media, or news-related posts. 


Publicize community events or opportunities for activism that are related to this cause, and persuade users to attend. 


Organize events with users that are equally interested in this cause. 

Share links to information and media that helps keep other users up to date with trending issues and events.


If you don’t see eye to eye with a user on an issue, ask civil questions to learn more about their perspective. Debate civilly and focus on why you disagree. Downvote if you wish, but don't break the community guidelines. 

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