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If you're interested in applying for one of these positions, please reach out at:

Software Engineer 

Stashrun | Palo Alto or Remote (USA Timezones) | Full-Time or Part-Time|  Remote-OK 


Currently seeking experienced Frontend/Full-stack Engineers with a background in building React Native applications from scratch. Should be adept at understanding how to work with various backend API interfaces to work in concert with our infrastructure stack (primarily React Native, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, PostgresQL, Heroku, AWS) to build out a polished cross-platform application. Experience building out custom React Native animations and previous experience fully launching to Apple App Store or Google Play Store is a plus.


Thank you to all who apply. Please be aware, we received hundreds of applications on a rolling basis, and super appreciate the hype around the role.

Note: We are also excited to mentor exceptional engineering talent.
If you are a studying Computer Science and would like to pursue an internship, please reach out at any time. Our team and advisors include Stanford and UC Berkeley Comp Sci alumni.

Junior Marketer and/or Paid Internship


Stashrun | Part-Time | Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, or UT Austin on Campus / Remote

We're currently recruiting for the position of a part-time Marketing Associate and/or Community Partnerships Lead. As we move into our go-to-market phase, we are looking to work with skilled community builders on student campuses, who uniquely understand our users (Gen Z and Millennials), student communities, and the university ecosystem.


In this role, you will plan and host in-person activations on campus, track engagement outcomes and analytics (across both physical and digital campaigns), develop integrated partnerships (including brands, nonprofits, and student communities), and help us map and our landscape of networks across schools. 

Our team is decentralized, so we are flexible with working hours / locations. If you aren’t meeting with us in Palo Alto, we can connect and collaborate online.


We’re looking for people who are: 

  • Passionate about working to support causes that are meaningful to them 

  • Detail oriented and highly organized 

  • Great collaborators and team players 

  • Creative thinkers and problem solvers 

  • Strong researchers and communicators 

  • Extremely punctual and focused on change

  • Skilled networkers 

This role is suitable for students (undergraduate or graduate) who are able to show relevant coursework links. If this sounds like you, just submit your resume and a short description saying why you're a great fit for Stashrun with the subject line “Junior Marketing Associate” and we’ll be in touch shortly to share more details on the interview process and compensation.

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